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Age Range:
8 months - 16 months
Areas of Learning:

Large & Small Motor Skills

Sensory Play

Social Development

Our Crawler classroom is an important transitional room for older infants. This classroom allows us to split up our mobile and non-mobile infants, which provides both our younger Infants and our newly mobile Crawlers a safer space to grow and develop. The Crawler classroom is an environment with plenty of room to explore and presents many opportunities for social interactions with peers.

Cognitive, Sensory, & Emotional Development

We encourage the development of large motor skills such as crawling, pulling up, and walking in our Crawler classroom. Small motor skills are developed through activities such as using a spoon or a paintbrush and by playing with developmentally appropriate toys. Social skills are developed as the children interact with one another during group snack time, lunch, art, and reading time.

We enhance each child’s motor skills and cognitive development through finger plays and songs. Our Crawlers also progress towards age-appropriate goals like waving, clapping, and peek-a-boo. Even at this early age, we encourage the development of sensory skills by having the children participate in finger painting, making art from foot and handprints, and by playing with interesting textures like cool whip, water and soap, and pudding.

Daily Activities

Our Crawler classroom is a room of “firsts.” We work with your child each day to progress towards their first steps and first words. We also encourage the use of a sipper cup and introduce our Crawlers to new table foods.

We have a daily schedule in our Crawler classroom, but we allow the exact timing to vary based on your child’s natural needs. We run on baby time, which means your child will receive bottles and take naps as needed, not on a set schedule.

It’s important to us that your child has a wide variety of experiences while in our care. Daily activities include:

  • Stroller/buggy rides
  • Free play in the multipurpose room
  • Sensory play
  • Artwork
  • Songs & stories