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Age Range:
6 weeks - 8 months
Areas of Learning:

Motor Skill Development

Positive Play & Discovery

Cognitive & Sensory

A Day in the Infant Room

We have a lot of fun in the Infant Room! We are always busy with singing songs, reading books, doing art projects, and reaching individual goals such as rolling over, sitting up, crawling, and clapping hands. There is constant interaction between your child and their teachers.

We also love to go outside on those nice summer days when the weather is less than 90 degrees. We love buggy rides or just sitting on the playground blowing bubbles or listening to songs and stories. When Learning Edge Infants are inside, we like to sing songs, watch bubbles, talk, cuddle, and play together!

While your child is in the Infant Room, he will be on his own schedule: Bottles as needed, naps as needed. We run on baby time! We will work with your child as he moves toward greater independence, working on rolling, sitting, and eventually crawling. Tummy-time is a common sight in the Infant Room!


Birth to One Month:

  • Keeps hands in fists
  • Startles to loud noises
  • Moves head from side to side when on stomach
  • Regards faces

Two to Three Months:

  • Raises chest and head when on belly
  • Hold and shakes rattle
  • Baby coos and makes vowel sounds
  • Brings hands to mouth
  • Reaches at objects / more coordinated movements
  • Recognizes familiar faces
  • Social smile, more facial expressions
  • Turns head toward sounds

Four to Five Months:

  • Laughs and squeals
  • Sits and holds head steady
  • Rolls from belly to back

Six to Eight Months:

  • Babbles (for example, “bah, bah, bah”)
  • Can sit without assistance
  • Stands while hands are held
  • Begins to scoot then crawl
  • Baby begins to feed self
  • Transfers objects from hand to hand