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Age Range:
16 months - 24 months
Areas of Learning:

Cognitive Development

Large & Small Motor Skills


Our Toddler program allows your child to channel his or her boundless energy and curiosity into fun activities that are also educational in nature. Our professional, patient caregivers will guide your toddler through this period of immense growth, fostering cognitive, emotional, and physical development through art, movement, music, reading, and active outdoor playtime.

Cognitive, Sensory, & Emotional Development

We enhance each child’s motor skills and cognitive abilities through finger plays, learning and singing new songs, and activities such as waving, clapping, peek-a-boo, and sign language. Sensory skills are developed through art projects like finger painting and making foot and handprints; and by playing with different textures like cool whip, water and soap, pudding, and yogurt.

We encourage the development of large motor skills such as walking and balance, climbing, dancing, and running through interactive movement activities. Small motor skills are improved through everyday activities such as using a spoon, painting, and sorting toys. Social skills are developed during group snack time, lunch, art, music, and reading time.

Monthly Menu

We encourage the use of a sipper cup in our Toddler classrooms and expand your child’s palate by introducing new table foods, which we supply. Most of the children in our class are learning to eat table foods and we post a monthly menu so parents can let us know which foods are okay to serve to their child and which items they will be bringing in a substitution for.

Nap/Quiet Time

Naps are an important part of a toddler’s daily routine, but there are days when kids only need to rest. If your child wakes up during naptime, we will comfort them and give them the opportunity to fall back asleep. If they do not go back to sleep, we give them books, puzzles, and other quiet activities to do while remaining on their cot.

Daily Activities

It’s important to us to provide your child a wide variety of activities both indoors and outdoors. We take the children outside every day if the weather is between 20 and 90 degrees. Here are some of the activities your child will take part in at Learning Edge:


In the morning we go on the playground and the children:

  • ride bikes and sleds
  • march like ants
  • go up the ladder and down the slide
  • play in the water

In the afternoon, we go for a walk in the bye-bye buggy.

Big Room

In the big room we practice our large motor skills by doing activities such as:

  • Riding bikes
  • Rolling and flipping on mats
  • Kicking and throwing balls
  • Parachute fun
  • Chasing, running, and hiding
  • Crawling through tunnels and tents
  • Singing songs (“Head and Shoulders”, “Ring Around the Rosey”)

Group Time

We try to have all the children do the following activities together:

  • Listen to stories
  • Practice colors and shapes
  • Sing songs and finger plays
  • Play musical instruments and dance
  • Water table activities
  • Feel texture cards


Art is a great time to get messy doing many different crafts including:

  • Painting with fingers, brushes, sponges, feathers, marbles, ice cubes, etc., and using paint, and more
  • Coloring with markers and crayons
  • Gluing many different objects on paper (tissue paper, yarn, leaves, glitter, etc.)
  • Cooking projects (cookies, jell-o, pudding pops, cakes, etc.)