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Age Range:
2 - 3 years
Areas of Learning:

Language & Literacy

Motor Skills

Potty Training

Two-year-old children learn through curiosity, questioning, and interaction. They begin to produce sounds and language very quickly. At this age they strive to be independent, but engage in small group activities. Our caregivers provide an environment that is stimulating, nurturing, and caring to help your child grow.

Goals for Two-Year-Olds

Our “small but special” goals are learning to: drink from a cup, use a fork and spoon, say “please” and “thank you”, be patient with our friends, give “soft” touches, object identification, put away toys and wipe up spills.

Motor Skills

  • Walks on tiptoe
  • Balances on balance board momentarily, with both feet
  • Holds crayon with thumb and fingers, not fist

Communication/Language Skills

  • Enjoys listening to simple storybooks and requests them to be repeated
  • Labels common objects and pictures
  • Joins vocabulary words together in 2 to 3 word phases
  • 300-400 words in vocabulary

Cognitive Skills

  • Knows concepts of one, many and more
  • Can talk briefly about what he or she is doing
  • Understands number concepts, like ordination
  • Uses classification (a cat is an animal)

Personal/Social Skills

  • Takes off and dresses self, specifically their coat
  • Washes and dries hands with assistance
  • Uses objects symbolically
  • Participates in simple group activities, games, songs
  • Knows gender

Potty Training

Do you think that it might be time to start your 2 year old in the potty training process? Here are some guidelines to consider:

  • Girls are usually ready a little earlier than boys, around 2-2½ years old. Boys are generally ready when they’re 2½-3 years.
  • Your child is staying dry for about 3 hours at a time and waking up dry from naps and sometimes through the night.
  • Your child can pull their bottoms up and down with little or no assistance and is starting to dress themselves.
  • Your child can understand and say the word “potty”.

If your child meets most or all of the guidelines, it could be a good time to start!